Well, hello, Colorado!

Yes, I have a new blog, and I’m finally writing something here!  There is plenty to say these days, but I haven’t been super organized or blogging has been low-priority compared to other activities (training, hanging out with family, training, drinking beer, hanging out with friends, training, drinking beer…).

First things first, we made it out to Colorado without incident, always a relief when a UHaul van is involved!  The drive to Colorado in early June was gorgeous.  While I struggled a bit to stay awake for the entire trip (there were so many times when I wished that Gus could drive), I think that I saw a few spots that I’d never seen before on any of our drives between CA and CO because I’m always sleeping when we pass through them!  Yes, I know, I’m the worst road trip companion ever!

We had a shorter first day and spent the night in St. George, which was a good call, as we had enough time to jaunt over to Zion National Park for a drive and a quick walk.  We can’t believe that we spent so much time so close to Zion and never went.  We don’t have too many regrets about our time in California, but that may be one of them!

Last time on the front porch
And the car shot – ready for action!
Zion – We must come back!
I’m looking a little worse for the wear…  And Gus is wandering unattended in a National Park.
Stopping along the highway – Utah
Another stop in Utah – Ghost Rock

We are settling into life in Boulder, although it still feels a bit like an extended vacation.  We spent the first few days in town but then moved up to the mountain house where we’ll be, hopefully, for the rest of the summer.  It isn’t permanent, but it works for now!  The entire move has been an adjustment for me, no doubt!  The first night we arrived, all the emotions that I didn’t feel before leaving CA hit me, and I panicked, just a little, about the fact that we really had moved.  Yes, after talking about this and planning it for months, reality hit me.  We had left behind everything familiar from the past 9-10 years – people, places, patterns of movement, activities, all that was familiar in terms of the day-to-day routine.  It was a less-than-ideal time to suddenly question the move, but, in hindsight, I could have predicted the feeling of loss and the fear of the unknown and that I would eventually have to confront those feelings.

There is still plenty that remains unsettled and unanswered, and it’s probably a good experience for me at this point in my life.  After all, that was one of the reasons we made this move – if we hadn’t done so now, it would have only become more and more difficult to push ourselves out of the comfort zone and the familiar cushion of our life.  And, if I look at the support system that we already have here in Colorado, it really has made the move easier and we do feel as though we were coming “home” in a certain way.

Speaking of home, I’m gradually adjusting to life in the mountains.  We are only a few miles outside of town, but I have discovered, in my brief time here, that a few miles up a canyon disconnect one from life in town.  It’s a beautiful place to be, although I’m learning that deer and turkeys wandering across the property are common sights and that I shouldn’t be too surprised if a bird or a bat fly into the house.

Enjoying life in the mountains!

Colorado has also surprised us with its motto “Colorful Colorado” ringing so true.  We realize that coming from drought-ridden California probably anything with some rainfall would be a treat and come as a surprise, but this May’s rainfall set record-level water levels, so we are now enjoying the lush, variant greens and other colors that surround us, not to mention the streams and rivers that are at full strength, or beyond.

The Flatirons – after a morning ride!

So, yes, while I am still adjusting, this change has been a good challenge for me, which will probably be the theme over the next few months, maybe even the next year or so.  We are looking forward to plenty of adventures and interesting experiences, but, like anything worthwhile, we’ll also tackle uncertainties – or live with them – as we establish a new life.  Whether that uncertainty is a bat in the house, an unexpected sunstorm (which happened at the end of my long ride this past week), or figuring out how to live in the same town as other family members (definitely a new concept for me), it’s a time of change and growth.

As for the blog – “Elevated Tales and Trails” – hopefully it will speak to the adventures that I have in Colorado and beyond, whether it’s biking, hiking, running, skiing or just hanging out with friends and family.

Also, I’m definitely still figuring out WordPress, so that may take some more time!


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