Life currently – Where to even begin?

Hello!  This would be the moment to take the time to reflect on 2015, the past year, and think about 2016 and what this year will bring.  Somehow, I find myself completely unwilling to ‘go there’ at this point.  After four months of life “abroad”, which now doesn’t seem real AT ALL to me, I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I – or we – am jobless and homeless (actually, we just found a home!).  We might remedy the latter sooner rather than later, but the job front could be a potential longish-term issue.  Over the next few months, I’d like to write here, on this blog, on a bit more on a consistent basis, not just delving into the highlights or the low points (for which I’m bracing myself), but give more of a snapshot or narrative of my day-to-day.  The mundane existence, in other words.

But, a few thoughts about the upcoming weeks and months:  First of all, I feel SO disconnected from the news of the world and goings-ons.  I almost passed out when I saw the price of gas in December.  I thought that there had to have been a mistake, that the 1 (yes, a ONE) should have been a 4.  Also, while I’ve followed sports and politics, it’s been at a distance, reading articles that I’ve wanted to read but ignoring a lot of the “noise” that is often a part of our daily life.  I’ve been able to read more in recent weeks than I read all year, and it’s been wonderful to get lost in the pages, even though they are digital, of a good book.

What I’m looking forward to: Shopping in my closet (in other words, to wear “new” clothes that I haven’t seen since last spring!); cooking for myself and eating healthy foods – what is that concept?; a regular schedule in which I run, stretch, do strength training, and find my way back to the pool and also onto the bike, as painful and humbling as that experience will be, it should be a good challenge; settling into life in Colorado – exploring the area, connecting with people and places and establishing a rhythm.

What have I learned from the months of travel?  This sounds so cliché and typical, but, damn, there are so many amazing places to visit and my wish list continues to grow and grow and grow! Also, as much as I’m looking forward to settling back into our life and enjoy our possessions (a bed, watching Netflix, eating off of real plates), I also want to pare down my life – go through clothes and other items and decide if I really want/need/use X, Y or Z. Finally, flexibility is the key to travel and, in many ways, to life, and even as I approach middle-age, there is so much for me to learn and I’d like to be more open to change and to new opportunities and possibilities this year.

Deep thoughts on a Friday.

Crazy to think that this was our view as we ate breakfast last week:

Looking out on Wat Arun (or Temple of Dawn)

And we’re back in the snow and ice in Boulder today!


6 thoughts on “Life currently – Where to even begin?

  1. Welcome back! 🙂 I am happy you found a home! You’ll have to tell us more about that. And about your paring down process. That is something I’ve been thinking a lot as we’ve been in transition between houses. We don’t need so much stuff!

    I think it’s good to read and not get so caught up in the news 🙂


    1. It’s good to be back – and to have a home! THAT feels amazing, after months of being constantly in transition, in one way or another. We’ve just started to settle in, so I think that paring down will happen as we go through our stuff. For me, a lot of that will have to do with clothes.
      As for the news, who knows – I feel a bit as though I’ve been living under a rock these days, but I can’t say that I’m sad that I haven’t followed all of the election blab.


    1. We’ll need it! So far, I can’t say that it feels too simple as we try to get set up, but I hope that we’ll get there. We are walking distance from so many places, that one of our big goals is to have quite a few non-car days, We’ll see how it goes, but I really love the idea.
      Happy new year to you!


  2. I have lived a broad for years, but before that there were a couple shorter stints abroad, and and going back to your home is often harder than leaving. Its reverse culture shock and there is a lot of information out there on it ! You will have grown in so many ways while being gone, and many others won’t fully understand your experience. Just give it some time…


    1. Karen – I definitely think that I am still processing the past few months. It’s cliche to say that they feel like a whirlwind, but it’s true too. Thanks for your comment!


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