Goodbye, old friend

gus being a real dog
Our good boy

As we organize our life in Boulder, there is a significant gap these days, and our hearts feel the loss of Gus, who was quite the constant companion, especially for Michael, over the past 7 years.  It has been difficult, especially because we were not with him, so there is a deep sense of regret, frustration, blame (at ourselves, and I especially feel that I abandoned him back in September).  However, we also know that he had a good life with us, and he certainly enriched our experience.  Mr. G., we think of you constantly and miss your wagging tail and your expressive eyes.  I continue to talk to you, and even though you aren’t here, I still feel your presence.

Adopting Gus and Milo was just about the best thing that we ever did (or it WAS the best thing?), and we had plenty of adventures with those doggies, traveling almost all over the West Coast with our “good boys”, as we called them, in the backseat, exploring trails, beaches, parks and cities with them in tow.

In their younger days with us on Nancy Way
One of my last long walks with Gus, back in September

I know that I used this quote by John Muir when Milo passed, but it is an apt reminder of how much we gained from bringing Milo and Gus into our lives:  Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.