2016: The annual year-in-review

I’ve read some great “16 in ’16” posts, and I like the format but can’t bring myself to motivate THAT much, but a look back is still in order.  Just a few thoughts about the year as a whole – I’m too lazy to burn the year in effigy, but I have already done so in my thoughts – many a time, believe me!  So, while there were some bright spots in 2016, I really feel like saying “Screw you” to the year and moving on.  How’s that for positive thinking?

If I had to characterize the year in a few succinct phrases, it was a transitional year that brought plenty of challenges and, often, a sense of inertia for me.  On a personal level, we are ending on an up note, as Michael and I feel more settled in Colorado – both financially (yes, I’m happy to put that as first on the list) and also in terms of our social network here, and we have much to look forward to in 2017.  However, I can’t say that the outcome of the election and a Trump presidency don’t give me pause as I consider a future that is much more significant than my own.  Sorry for the negativity!  Here we go – the year in photos:

January: We began the month exploring the beaches of Thailand and finished it up on the slopes of Colorado (this might have been the best month of the year!)

February: More skiing and enjoying life in Boulder, but it also included a quick trip to Steamboat, where we met Heidi.

March and April: Crazy weather – sunny one day, snowy the next (or even the same day).   Typical spring in Colorado, where the saying goes “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 20 minutes.”

May: An actual race – I finished and it was cold!  And Michael’s last day of riding for the year (seriously).

June:  Can I just skip over this month?  I “raced” Boulder 70.3 – definitely my hardest race experience from an emotional point of view.  This might be the only picture of me that I have in all of my races when I’m actually aero, so that’s something.


July:  Michael and I spent time in Bellingham for my cousin’s wedding – a perfect day for her and her partner (now wife)!


August: I was back to the grindstone at work, and Michael was finally mobile!  We spent a few weekends in the mountains – Breckenridge and Leadville – and enjoyed the beauty that Colorado offered in late summer.

September:  Falling in love with fall in Colorado.

October:  The big move from Boulder to Golden.  We were sad to leave our very convenient little abode in downtown Boulder and all of the open space that was so accessible, but in the long run, living closer to work is a better choice.

November:  Yes, the election (how much did that suck?).  We spent Thanksgiving in Breckenridge which was beautiful.  Not too much snow, which was worrisome, but we hadn’t planned to ski at any rate.  Still, a fun, low-key way to spend the holiday.

December:  Finally some cold weather in Colorado (and snow!), and, of course, the holidays.  By last week, we officially were suffering from holiday-fatigue, but we thoroughly enjoyed all of the time with family and friends, spent here in Colorado and in Texas.  Also, we had our very first Christmas tree after 10 years of marriage.  The final image was our holiday card that Michael designed and executed – it was a success (unlike the sad photo of our tree)!

And, as the year ended, we were both in good health and spirits and surrounded by friends and family.  Cheers to that!


2 thoughts on “2016: The annual year-in-review

  1. I love your concise monthly recap! And that you got a real tree this year. We really enjoy having one.

    Is there any significance behind the plaid skirt your cousin/her wife is wearing in that pic?

    I hope Michael is 100% better now and can ride again in 2017 if he wants!!!


    1. So, for the tartan kilt that my cousin’s wife wore – it was Scottish and her mother is Scottish, she lived in Scotland, and she has an affinity for all things Scottish. On that note, they spent a month in Scotland for their honeymoon!
      Thanks for sending your thoughts to Michael. He isn’t riding yet but is planning on getting back on the saddle (literally and figuratively) in the spring. That, however, is entirely his decision. I think that he will – he commented over the weekend how he wished that we could go riding together (he’s still waiting it out b/c of the concussion – it’s better, but there is a 9 to 10-month window during which, if you get another concussion, you’re kind of screwed long-term).


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