Springing forward, with hope

The weeks – now months, yikes! – of silence in this space definitely reflect a sense of inertia and the muted quality of life.  I know, I know.  I’m starting off on an up note with that idea, but, hey, that’s what was going on!  After all of my lofty goals, plans, expectations, promises to commit to something, anything this year, I completely quit training for most of the month of March and then I fired myself from my coach of 3 months.  While I saw progress in the pool and on the bike, I continued to nurse a nagging foot injury and just felt like I didn’t give a fuck.  This, obviously, didn’t make me an ideal client, which I recognized, so I took myself out of that particular commitment to save myself money and Michelle the time that she was putting into writing training plans that I didn’t follow .  Suddenly left without ANY training plan (or racing plan, to boot) and feeling a bit unmoored in other aspects of my life, March was a bit of a bear of a month.  I moped a decent amount and spent a good bit of time feeling sorry for myself.  Blah blah blah.

However, as the days lengthen and summer beckons, I am feeling a bit lighter and looking forward to the summer.  The school year ends soon – at most, there are 4 weeks remaining, but with a week camping in Western Colorado and a day off here and there, those four weeks dwindle down to 3.  And with a few random ‘special schedule’ days here and there, I probably have a total of 12 academic days.  That is simultaneously exciting AND unnerving.  I still don’t love teaching middle school, and if a high school gig doesn’t come my way in the next few years, I’m really on the fence about teaching for the next 20 years.  I’m working at an excellent school, I really like and respect my colleagues, and the families and students are terrific too (seriously, I called a parent this past week about the fact that I’m going to recommend summer work for her child, and the mom thanked me.  Crazy!).  So, we’ll see.

During all of this mopey-ness, and the blues and maybe even the “mean reds” as well, I did ONE thing that’s been a major commitment and has rocked our world – but in a good way.  We adopted this guy:



The plan for the summer was to get a house and then get a dog, but I turned that on its head, moving forward with the dog adoption sooner rather than later.  In hindsight, maybe it would have been better to wait, but we ended up with Sammy (his rescue dog name was “Gilbert”, but we decided to change it).  He supposedly is 9-11 years old, but, despite his little grey beard, there is NO WAY that he’s that old. In fact, we think that he might be around 5! He definitely had a difficult life for a bit – came to Colorado from Missouri, is heartworm positive and just had thirteen teeth pulled (poor guy!).  While our situation probably isn’t 100 percent perfect for him at this point, he gets plenty of walks, good food and lots of love.  He’s a fantastic dog – is a total love-bug, super curious, and has a different personality from our last dogs (which is a good thing!).  I call him the ‘velcro dog’ because he really wants to be right by our side, and I mean RIGHT by us, preferably leaning on us or sitting on our feet.  He needs some training, which is on my summer ‘to-do’ list, but it’s been wonderful to have a four-legged companion back in our life.

The other positive is that I have, slowly and with caution, returned to running.  Last week, I even hit DOUBLE DIGITS – not for one run, but for the week.  Woo-hoo!  So, 2017 may not be known as the year that I quit running – there is hope, a glimmer, that a race might happen, that I might be able to feel like a runner again, one of these days!

Finally, did I mention that it was spring in Colorado?  Well, it’s Saturday morning, I’m sipping a latte at home, thanks to the used Rancilio Silvia that my cousin gave us, listening to Willie Nelson’s new album, and watching fat snowflakes fall and pile up. Nothing like a morning like this to make me feel that there is plenty of wonder in life, plenty to do, see and experience.  And, while I’m enjoying the solitude of a snowy morning, there is a sense of being connected and of a day, month, year, life full of possibility and potential.  Perhaps I’m coming out of hibernation, finally ready to be active in my own life at this point, right now.

Speaking of spring festivities and gearing up for the change of seasons, this is how people celebrate the end of ski season at Monarch Resort outside of Salida, Colorado – gearing up for the river season with kayak races down the ski hill!_MG_2785


3 thoughts on “Springing forward, with hope

  1. Congrats on your new edition! Sammy looks so happy. And he must be, following you around like that!

    Those kayak races are a riot! Did you see it in person?!

    I hope the rest of spring picks up for you!


  2. Looks like we’re on about the same running schedule – I’m just back up to double digits, too. Way to get back out there! It will be a great summer!


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