Hiking highlights

As we are full-on skiing (!!!) and haven't hit the hiking trails for some time, it seems like a timely moment to summarize the hiking season in Zermatt.  First of all, we lucked out weather-wise with a serious lack of rain.  This, obviously, benefitted us, but is concerning long-term for a place that depends on … Continue reading Hiking highlights

Zermatt: Hiking Season recap

s, happy November?  I sound like a broken record as I repeat "Time is flying", but it IS.  We have just over a month remaining for the program, which seems incredibly short. And, ski season begins tomorrow.  I cannot wait - although I'm also nervous about it! In addition to feeling SOME trepidation about skiing … Continue reading Zermatt: Hiking Season recap

Bernese Oberland: The hills are definitely alive

I know, I know, any reference to The Sound of Music is a bit off, since we're comparing Austria to Switzerland, apples to oranges - or maybe apples to pears?  But, the Alps are the Alps, and with the rolling hills in abundance, I can't help but think of certain songs.  It doesn't help that our … Continue reading Bernese Oberland: The hills are definitely alive