(Not) The same as it ever was: Wildflower Triathlon

But still awesome and an amazing experience.  (Except for that soul-crushing run!)

In some ways, Wildflower Triathlon *was* very much the same – a great, fun, supportive experience with terrific energy – and definitely NOT an Ironman branded race.  And hard.  Did I mention that it was hard?  I will always have a place in my heart for this race as it introduced me to triathlon.   I’m going to sound like a broken record repeating “great” or “awesome” throughout this post, but those adjectives sum up the weekend and this particular race experience. Continue reading “(Not) The same as it ever was: Wildflower Triathlon”


Spring break: A California Interlude

Well, yes, it’s almost the end of May and I’m finally reflecting on Spring Break ’17, which seems out-of-whack, but seeing as we had our ONLY snow day of the year on Friday (seriously!), maybe it’s not that out of order? Continue reading “Spring break: A California Interlude”