Sizzling summer (already?)

Although it technically isn't summer (we're still a week shy of that date), it has felt like summer since mid-May, and our yard would definitely agree with that sentiment!  It has already been a scorcher here in Colorado, and, yes, the fire season kicked off with a vengeance.  It is WAY too early for fire … Continue reading Sizzling summer (already?)

Fall potpourri

Yes, it's fall, so this will be one of those ubiquitous (why isn't there another word for "ubiquitous" which I seem to use every time I feel like a cliché which then makes the word a cliché?) "It's fall" wordy posts.  I swear that I won't mention sweaters, fleece jackets (although I'm currently wearing a … Continue reading Fall potpourri

Spring highlights

Now that summer has "officially" begun - at least for me - I feel compelled to take a moment and look back on Spring 2017.  I would describe it as a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  Let me say, that mid-life crisis thing is REAL!  One thing that is contributing to some of the emotional … Continue reading Spring highlights

Zermatt: Hiking Season recap

s, happy November?  I sound like a broken record as I repeat "Time is flying", but it IS.  We have just over a month remaining for the program, which seems incredibly short. And, ski season begins tomorrow.  I cannot wait - although I'm also nervous about it! In addition to feeling SOME trepidation about skiing … Continue reading Zermatt: Hiking Season recap

A true off-season

Yes, the ubiquitous post-Ironman blab here! To begin, life has kept me busy with tons of family time and quite a bit of travel - to New Hampshire and Texas!  I might have experienced a few moments of the post-race blues, but not many. The New Hampshire trip was work-related - faculty orientation in the … Continue reading A true off-season