Sizzling summer (already?)

Although it technically isn't summer (we're still a week shy of that date), it has felt like summer since mid-May, and our yard would definitely agree with that sentiment!  It has already been a scorcher here in Colorado, and, yes, the fire season kicked off with a vengeance.  It is WAY too early for fire … Continue reading Sizzling summer (already?)

Training: Two steps forward, a somersault back

That literally sums up my training this spring.  I'm not where I was in October, but to describe my winter and spring training as uneven would be a slight understatement.  My first "race" is coming up, and I feel woefully unprepared - or, well, woefully unfit for this particular distance and race.  I've certainly learned quite … Continue reading Training: Two steps forward, a somersault back

You know you’re getting older when…

I feel that, as I look at that half-century point which seems to be closing in at a quicker pace every year, there are a multitude of ways that could finish this statement aptly.  The grey hairs, of course, springing up on my head (and sometimes elsewhere!); the wrinkles that have appeared, especially over the … Continue reading You know you’re getting older when…

Third time is something of a charm (Boulder 70.3)

So, Boulder 70.3 (2017)   has come and gone.  I planned to write a pre-race ramble, but failed to do so.  Well, actually, I got this far:  So, it's been a while since I did anything that resembled a race event, over a year, to be precise, and, now, I'm having to remind myself of the … Continue reading Third time is something of a charm (Boulder 70.3)

Boulder 70.3: Highs and lows

Just a note: I wrote this ages ago and then waited and waited for the race photos.  Yes, I'm one of those people who purchases the race photos, depending on the race!  And, yes, Boulder 70.3 actually happened - a few weeks ago now, which, in racing time is like "years ago". In some ways, … Continue reading Boulder 70.3: Highs and lows

Colorado Half-Marathon (aka: Suck it up, buttercup)

Ladies and Gentlemen(man - Hello, Rob!): We had a race!  Or participated in a race!  That feels monumental at this point, so I'm giving myself lots of pats on the back. To be honest, just getting to the starting line was something of a big deal for me, as I contemplated a DNS, especially as … Continue reading Colorado Half-Marathon (aka: Suck it up, buttercup)

Change in seasons

Cue the ubiquitous and cliché "It's spring" post - just in time for Earth Day (which we celebrated by watching Chasing Ice - even more cliché, although the photographer spoke at the school where I'm teaching and I'm teaching his daughter, so it had a personal connection).  Also, speaking of new seasons, Game of Thrones … Continue reading Change in seasons