A little bit at a time

A friend (Hi Rob!) has reminded me throughout this knee surgery/recovery process to take the long view. I can't say that patience is one of my strengths, in fact, I can tell you for certain that it is NOT, but there's also nothing that I can do to speed up this process. I will say … Continue reading A little bit at a time


A revision

I just looked up the word "revision" thanks to our folks at the handy-dandy site dictionary.com.  Yes, I know what it means, but I wanted to see what the dictionary said about it. Some related words are awesome - "improvement", "correction", "polish", and I think of an exclamation point following all of them for that … Continue reading A revision

Hiking highlights

As we are full-on skiing (!!!) and haven't hit the hiking trails for some time, it seems like a timely moment to summarize the hiking season in Zermatt.  First of all, we lucked out weather-wise with a serious lack of rain.  This, obviously, benefitted us, but is concerning long-term for a place that depends on … Continue reading Hiking highlights

Retour des Alpages – A brief weekend in Annecy

We've officially crossed that half-way point, and I'm finally getting around to jotting a few ideas here and there about the experience thus far.  I'll return to the Swiss adventures, of which there are many, but, for now, a quick recap of our quick weekend away.  It's funny because Zermatt is so beautiful, and you'd … Continue reading Retour des Alpages – A brief weekend in Annecy

A return to the mountains

This has been a long time coming, talking about how unhappy I was for the past two years.  Last fall, I decided that teaching middle school was just NOT the right fit, so I made the decision in November (if not before) that I'd end the year but not return.  It was a weird situation … Continue reading A return to the mountains