A return to the mountains

Just a few icebreaker games in the shadow of the Matterhorn while totally jet-lagged and suffering from the altitude.  Great way to start!

This has been a long time coming, talking about how unhappy I was for the past two years.  Last fall, I decided that teaching middle school was just NOT the right fit, so I made the decision in November (if not before) that I’d end the year but not return.  It was a weird situation to know so early that in June, 2018, I’d officially be ‘unemployed’.  I also didn’t make the decision lightly as the school has a great reputation and I worked with great people.  I couldn’t, however, deny just how unhappy I felt teaching that age group.  I have total respect for those dedicated middle school teachers who connect with students, support them, and enjoy that environment.  For me, it just never felt like a good fit, and as much as I wanted it to work, I also wasn’t willing to sacrifice my happiness and sense of self/identity/whatever just so that I would have a stable job.  I also recognize that I was (and am) incredibly fortunate to be able to make that decision. Continue reading “A return to the mountains”


Summer’s end

I’ve promised myself to write more often, yet here I am, over a month has passed, and I’m finally sitting down to share a bit of the “what was going on” during August.  It’s officially mid-September, so to say that I’m behind the curve would be something of an understatement. Continue reading “Summer’s end”

Road tripping: Whistler and Squamish

At times I feel spectacularly boring or predictable when it comes to life and the patterns that seem to define my experiences or to which I revert.  Case in point, back in 2014, when I undertook the first full ironman journey, I wanted the trip part to be about more than just the race.  And so it was!  Not that the race wasn’t a priority, but I appreciated that it was part of a broader experience.  So, this time around, as I considered races, Whistler seemed like the logical choice.  First of all, I’d almost signed up the previous two years, and I’m still not sure if Whistler will host long-term.  But there were other reasons too.  Not only did it offer a lot in terms of a race experience for athletes and also spectators, but, like Coeur d’Alene, it would be a chance to see friends and family and a beautiful part of the world.  Win/win! Continue reading “Road tripping: Whistler and Squamish”

Post mortem: IM Canada

There’s this saying “Third time’s charm”, which might be true in some cases, but I don’t think that I’d sum up my Ironman Canada experience in such a way. It’s been just over two weeks ago since I crossed the finish line, and I’m still sorting through the experience.   I have to be honest with myself and admit that I was nervous about even finishing – hell, I was nervous about making it to the start line when I signed up!  I don’t want to be one of those people who initially say “I just want to finish” and then complain about their overall time.  I will say that with Wildflower and IMCanada, 2018 shaped up to be the year of personal worsts.   But it’s also the year of tackling fucking hard courses despite slightly sub-par fitness and/or feeling my age, and there is something to be said about that too. Continue reading “Post mortem: IM Canada”

Sizzling summer (already?)

Although it technically isn’t summer (we’re still a week shy of that date), it has felt like summer since mid-May, and our yard would definitely agree with that sentiment!  It has already been a scorcher here in Colorado, and, yes, the fire season kicked off with a vengeance.  It is WAY too early for fire season to have started, but that is the reality of the world in which we are living. Continue reading “Sizzling summer (already?)”

¡A San José! ¡Pura vida!

Or: The way to San José, Take 2

I’m embarrassed to say that I was NOT looking forward to returning home, unpacking, packing the same bag with an entirely separate set of clothes, and heading back to the airport for a pretty rough schedule – all within a week of my first trip in May.  But, such is life, and I really *did* try to roll with the punches, as they say.  However, my attitude as I headed to DIA at 9:00 pm Friday night (yes, 9:00 at NIGHT!) was less than ideal as my thoughts kept turning to the 22 students between the ages of 12-14 and the terrible travel (in terms of connections) ahead of us.   Continue reading “¡A San José! ¡Pura vida!”

Do you know the way to San José? (Take 1: California)

I usually like to keep the month of May somewhat low-key, sort of a protected, buffer zone as the school year amps up just to wind down.  May 2018, however, found me traveling to far-flung places.  Okay, not really, but I found myself traveling from California to Costa Rica within the span of a week.  While this wouldn’t have been ideal to me, and I was somewhat grumpy leading up to BOTH trips, I’m ending the month feeling slightly overwhelmed but really glad that I did that whole “embrace life/YOLO” shit.   Continue reading “Do you know the way to San José? (Take 1: California)”