Boulder 70.3: Highs and lows

Just a note: I wrote this ages ago and then waited and waited for the race photos.  Yes, I’m one of those people who purchases the race photos, depending on the race!  And, yes, Boulder 70.3 actually happened – a few weeks ago now, which, in racing time is like “years ago”.

In some ways, it doesn’t feel *right* to spend 500 or 5,000 words on a navel-gazing ‘race report’.  Additionally, now that 7-8 days since last Saturday have passed, so many details that seemed oh-so important at the time have faded.  That, however, might be a good thing as maybe I’ll be somewhat more brief.

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Taking the measurement of time

Time is a funny thing.  There are so many famous quotes and contemplations on the fleeting nature of time, one of the great themes in art and literature.   You know, carpe diem and “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”and all of that.  However, in my quotidian life (since we’re talking poetics, might as well throw in an SAT word), I rarely stop and contemplate time with a capital “T”.  There are, however, those moments when suddenly we do stop, take notice, examine or suddenly feel the impact of time’s passing.   Continue reading “Taking the measurement of time”

If only an infinite number of “if onlys” could change a moment

There aren’t that many moments in my life that I would give ANYTHING to change, but looking back to Sunday afternoon, 3:00 pm, I can’t help but think “If only I had stopped to put on my watch, if only I hadn’t taken a pee, if only I had taken a longer pee, if only we hadn’t made the light for the left-hand turn onto Highway 36 towards Lyons, if only I had been riding faster, if only we had been riding slower, if only, if only, if only”.  I could take those thoughts back further, tracing them back through the day, the weekend, even the months.  Not that it matters, because you can’t accumulate enough to do anything but drive yourself crazy. Continue reading “If only an infinite number of “if onlys” could change a moment”

Colorado Half-Marathon (aka: Suck it up, buttercup)

Ladies and Gentlemen(man – Hello, Rob!): We had a race!  Or participated in a race!  That feels monumental at this point, so I’m giving myself lots of pats on the back.

To be honest, just getting to the starting line was something of a big deal for me, as I contemplated a DNS, especially as the forecast changed in the days leading up to the race, from cloudy, to partly sunny, to rain, to snow, to cloudy again.  After living in California for 10+ years, I am still a fair weather runner. Continue reading “Colorado Half-Marathon (aka: Suck it up, buttercup)”

Change in seasons

Cue the ubiquitous and cliché “It’s spring” post – just in time for Earth Day (which we celebrated by watching Chasing Ice – even more cliché, although the photographer spoke at the school where I’m teaching and I’m teaching his daughter, so it had a personal connection).  Also, speaking of new seasons, Game of Thrones tonight?!  I’m equal parts excited and terrified – what other show makes you feel that way?

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March and April theme: Focus

As I mentioned, I’ve moved past the (f)Unemployment phase – at least for now – and am working at a charter school in Boulder through the end of the school year.  While it isn’t the *ideal* job in some ways, in other ways, I was very lucky.  It was a maternity leave position that was posted in January, I interviewed for it, and then started in March.  It’s been an interesting experience.  First of all, working as a sub is a challenge, even as a long-term sub, and coming in at the middle (or almost end) of the year compounds that.  However, it was also a good transition for me – I met with the teacher who was leaving multiple times to learn about the students and the curriculum and was able to sit in on her classes for a few days.  Also, while I am *just a sub*, the school community (teachers and administrators) have given me a nice welcome, and although I don’t feel 100% a part of the community, I feel fortunate to be as integrated as I am.   Continue reading “March and April theme: Focus”

Fun employment and (f)Unemployment

While it seems, based on recent posts (hello Thailand!), that life has been one adventure after another, the day-to-day has actually become much more grounded in the past 6-8 weeks.  A necessary but rather painful “face-the-music” experience as we settle into Colorado and search for jobs and also our souls.  I never expected that leaving California would present so many amazing opportunities and, to be honest, challenges.  Just about a year ago, the idea of Switzerland became a reality, but still very much in the idea stage.  Who knows what I expected from life post-Switzerland?  I didn’t have a concrete idea, but I can’t deny that I had certain expectations.  You know, either Michael or I would find a job in Boulder or Denver and we would settle in, life might present a few surprises, but we’d be just fine.

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