(Not) The same as it ever was: Wildflower Triathlon

But still awesome and an amazing experience.  (Except for that soul-crushing run!)

In some ways, Wildflower Triathlon *was* very much the same – a great, fun, supportive experience with terrific energy – and definitely NOT an Ironman branded race.  And hard.  Did I mention that it was hard?  I will always have a place in my heart for this race as it introduced me to triathlon.   I’m going to sound like a broken record repeating “great” or “awesome” throughout this post, but those adjectives sum up the weekend and this particular race experience. Continue reading “(Not) The same as it ever was: Wildflower Triathlon”


Training: Two steps forward, a somersault back

That literally sums up my training this spring.  I’m not where I was in October, but to describe my winter and spring training as uneven would be a slight understatement.  My first “race” is coming up, and I feel woefully unprepared – or, well, woefully unfit for this particular distance and race.  I’ve certainly learned quite a bit from training through colder and darker months, and the main takeaway is that I will never, ever commit to a pretty big race (70.3) for the beginning of May.  The timing worked well when we lived in California and I was happy to train throughout the “winter” months, but it’s a different story here in Colorado! Even though it was a mild winter by anyone’s measurement, I found it hard to string together solid weeks of training.  Yes, a week here and there, some workouts that felt good, maybe a handful that I’d call “great”, but I lacked overall consistency in training.  And, I’ll say that as every weekend came around, I felt torn between skiing, which was what I wanted to do, and training, which is what I needed to do.   Continue reading “Training: Two steps forward, a somersault back”

How is it even possible?!

That we are in APRIL?  I mean, really?  What’s happening?!

I guess that’s what happens to your poor, neglected blog when you just aren’t feeling it.  Whatever “it” is.  I sort of feel that I should do a Monty Python “not dead yet” impersonation, that I really am still here, but I’ll leave that to funnier people.  And, in many ways, life is humming along here, with plenty of ups AND downs.  But a quick snapshot of what HAS been going on… Continue reading “How is it even possible?!”

You know you’re getting older when…

I feel that, as I look at that half-century point which seems to be closing in at a quicker pace every year, there are a multitude of ways that could finish this statement aptly.  The grey hairs, of course, springing up on my head (and sometimes elsewhere!); the wrinkles that have appeared, especially over the past two years; and, most significantly, the way that my body just doesn’t seem to “bounce back” these days.  This is probably the most notable to me, at least on a daily basis, and the most frustrating.  It is, however, the reality of being over 45 – that, at least, is what my trainer/rolfer guy told me this week. Continue reading “You know you’re getting older when…”

Looking back at you, 2017!

I’d rather not gloss over 2017 and make it look like a banner year, since, well, it wasn’t.  Not that it was the annus horribilis of 2016 (personally, one of the worst years on the books), but I can’t say that it was *awesome*.  However, there were definite highlights amidst a sense of “what am I doing with my life?!”.  While I don’t intend to pretend that those blue days or the mean reds didn’t happen, I think that it’s healthier to take a positive view, especially when reflecting on what went right, what worked, what were some of the highlights of an experience, in this case, that “experience” being the year.  So, here goes…  2017: Continue reading “Looking back at you, 2017!”

A southwestern Christmas

So, yes, Virginia, it IS January, Christmas is long over, and Santa, I suppose, has returned to the North Pole.

But, since our holiday decorations continue to deck the halls and walls AND since winter really hasn’t hit Colorado (it was 62 degrees on Tuesday!), it doesn’t seem *that* late – or not too late – to share a little about the holiday season, mainly the few days that we spent in Taos, NM.  We came upon this idea back in October, scheming with some other family members about where to spend Christmas.  A few people were up for a change – for different reasons – but then the question remained –  “where to go?”.  No one felt very flush with cash (all of us involved in the trip had recently moved), and we all preferred to stay somewhat close to home – to go some place that would be a fairly easy drive.  Ski resorts were out because of the first criterion.  Plus, we already had passes, so it would have been silly to go to Telluride and spend  lots and lots of $$$$$$$ on skiing when we’ll be skiing at Copper or Eldora on a regular basis as it is (fingers crossed that some more snow will fall!). Continue reading “A southwestern Christmas”

Crying over burnt soup

As much as I originally wanted and planned and plotted to write about exciting adventures and all of the cool stuff that I took up when we left California and planted ourselves in Colorado, I find myself totally stuck and not wanting to write, to share, to open up about anything these days.  It seems that life has taken a turn or two, and the idea of ‘tales and trails’ is false. To wax poetically about our mountain adventures is absurd because we’ve settled, recently, into a pretty basic and boring life.  Not that it’s a bad thing, as some stability after a year or so of uncertainty and, at times, turmoil, has come as a relief.  BUT…  It also feels exceedingly boring, and I think that there’s a part of me that is embarrassed about the mundane quality of my day-to-day life experience.

I will, however, share one gratuitous photo of Sammy and me on a nice fall hike around Frisco, CO!

Perhaps I should include something in the name of this here blog that truly resonates with my life – “Elevated tales of a mid-life crisis”?

At any rate, the mid-life crisis is REAL.  I think – no, I know – that I’ve referred to it here and there, but I’ve tried to treat it with a lighter tone, not making a big deal out of anything, because why would I do that?  The truth is, however, I find myself questioning everything in my life, from my decisions that I made back in college (yes) to smaller forks in the road over recent months.  There is no ‘straw-that-broke-the-proverbial-camel’s-back’, but a multitude of small grievances and frustrations and an accumulation of self-doubt.  I started to look around the internets to see if there were good articles and/or blogs on women and mid-life crises, but apparently most of them touch on the idea of “how to feel more attractive in your 40s”.  REALLY?  That is supposed to lift my spirits and my existential angst?  Rather than getting a nip/tuck here or investing in a new wardrobe, I’ve considered getting yet another dog or two – it seems like a more productive use of time and money.  It does not, however, really answer any of the questions brewing in my mind.

I’m thinking that last week, maybe, was the nadir – I had cooked up a nice big pot of lentil butternut squash soup, early in the week and was looking forward to NOT having to worry about dinner for the rest of the week.  And then, ahem, someone burned it.  Not just a bowl or a small pot, but the entire pot of soup.  The one positive is that the house didn’t burn down!  But I was so incredibly and ridiculously and illogically upset.  It seems that you are not supposed to cry over spilt milk, but burnt soup is a different matter altogether – I shed copious amounts of tears, most of which had nothing to do with the soup and everything to do with things that were intangible but pernicious – negative thoughts, rages against myself, my life and the world.

I can laugh about the episode now, shake my head at myself for being such a fool, but laughing it off doesn’t get at the heart of the matter.

I do plan on making yet another pot of soup this week, something to enjoy over the holidays with family.  It’s not quite a peace-offering to myself, but it won’t, at least, feed my anger and despair.